Rémy Doan Nguyen

About Me


Always a passionate student of visual storytelling in all its shapes and forms, Rémy left his natal Provence in the South of France to come live and work in Paris in his twenties (although he didn't leave behind his unmistakable Provençal accent).​

While his movie school certainly gave him a kickstart, most of what he knows and does now comes from hours of self-teaching, using his keen sense of observation and his thirst for knowledge to discover and master new areas of visual expression: from camera operator with an eye for the unusual, to drone flying, editing, motion design and more recently the art of still photography.

Don't let his appearance fool you: he may look like a 12 year old kid but he's wise beyond his (wow) 29 years! He's much more than just a pretty face or a sharp sense of humor; he worked with the biggest French listed companies and incidentally with their ever more demanding CEOs. A versatile extreme sports athlete, Rémy feels truly alive when he gets the chance to mix both his passion for the steepest slopes of the Alpes and the neatest gamma curves in post.

His contagious joie de vivre makes him a great addition to any team of similarly minded creative professionals.

You are welcome to view his CV here.

And more:

Capgemini, Wendel, Sotavento, Lyxor, Altran, Bureau Tonic, Astorg, Accor Hotels Group, 9 O'Clock, Hippocampe Fou, Festival Horowitz, Titty Twister, IPEM, CAP Océans, Behive Green, Études Studio, Bic, Namacheko, Les Animaux Bar, Événements à la Carte, Europ'Raid, etc. 

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